We are aiming to realize a better society by supporting many "valuable" products and services
that have not yet spread to the world.

There are many world-class contents and IPs in Japan.
Through supporting the spread of these to the world, and by supporting companies that are creating valuable products in rural areas in Japan,
it is possible to enable a better spread of goods, services and entertainment to the consumers and companies.

In these days when marketing issues are becoming more complex,
in order to provide total support against the issues faced by clients we will create a new flow to establish in-out cross-border businesses
via products and the worldwide coverage of FreakOut Group.


Company name Honda Shoji Co,Ltd.
Head office
  • 106-0032
    Roppongi Hills Cross Point, 6-3-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Officer CEO Keiji Tokiyoshi
COO Keita Toyono
Business overview Digital marketing comprehensive support business and content support business
affiliated company FreakOut Holdings, inc