We create the opporturnity to succeed globally.

When a product or a service is sold, there is always an opportunity.
We want to create the "opportunity" specialized in App Business globally with you . For these feelings, Honda Shoji was born.

"Specialized in Global App Business trading company "
There are still many good contents in Japan and out side of Japan.
We aim to become the specialist of PR=Method to sell to deliver great contents from Japan to the world and from the world to Japan.

Why did we make a Specialized in Global App Business trading company now?
That is because noone has done this before.
We beleive that it is needed because it is the time for a revolution for conventional Advertising Business Model.
We do not beleive that Ads are the only solution to sell. We will use all of our 15 offices under the FreakOut group to support your app contents success.

FreakOut Group's Management Philosophy is "Give people work that requires a person". We will realize "Work that requires a person = Creative work" through App contents success.

The App industrie that we will be supporting is an industrie that makes our life convinitent and happy. If the people who work in there does not enjoy themselves, contents that would have been delivered will not be delivered.

At Honda Shoji will aim to become a company where people who are involved in Honda Shoji can have fun and work to make a social contribution through App business.

Honda Shoji CEO豊野 桂太


Company name Honda Shoji Co,Ltd.
Head office
  • 106-0032
    5F Roppongi Hills Cross point, 6-3-1 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
President and Chief Executive Officer Keita Toyono
Business overview Cross Border PR Support Business and Foreign Media Business
affiliated company FreakOut Holdings, inc